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InteliPOS has been in the market place for the past 20 years, starting off as a small product with one client utilizing our system to having over 500 installed sites in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Our vision

The vision of the company is to create a completely cashless streamlined environment within corporate canteens, opening way to a crime-free environment building good relations between ... and customers

Our Mission

to supply corporate canteens with an industry leading, reliable and accurate point of sale solution which can be intergrated into accounting systems,integration to the world's best payment methods and reports.


In response to the need for cashless transactions, Intelipos consists of software, hardware and firmware designed around the needs of the service industry to allow your customers & employees to transact securely without cash.


InteliPOS has been in the market place for the past 20 years, starting off as a small product with one client utilizing our system to having over 500 installed sites in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

InteliPOS Design

When it's about doing more than saying, rely on our InteliPOS design to keep growing with your success, if your business needs to do more, it's time to leverage a platform that can keep up with the pace, with numerous available payment methods and more developed daily. The real challenge will be finding something our system can't do.

System Architecture

Intelipos renders full compatibility on Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7 and windows 10. The system is developed using VFP v9.0 running with Ms SQL and communicates using TCP-IP(Ethernet) protocol

Front Of House

Our front of house offers self-service terminals, Touch-screen cashloaders, Call order bar terminals, Point of sale terminals, Cash and cashless transactions, Touch-screen operations, Electronic scale-Pay by weight, Remote kitchen printer, Multiple payment methods, Split payment options, Multi-level password control, Full restaurant mode, Meal control modules, Meal-booking modules, Vending Machine integration (InteliVend).


Intelipos consists of a user interface, simple yet efficient, complicated processing made easy. It incorporates multiple card types and options, with features configurable to client needs. Compact and ergo dynamic designs. PC-based technology - no proprietary hardware, offering versatility & enhanced speed at POS.

Back Of House

Our back of house consists of a comprehensive reporting system, 3rd party payroll interface, Cardholder management, Product management, Operator management, Full system audit, System configuration, Stock management module (placing supplier orders, Goods receiving, Stock requisitioning, Stock transfers and receipt management).


“Investec Bank have strong ties to InteliPOS. InteliPOS and I have a long standing relationship of more than a decade and the InteliPOS support staff are like my family. We grew up together and they are always there ready to lend a hand, solve any problem, or add/ amend an application to ease any manual burden. They are on call whenever required, and are quick to respond with assistance. This is the one system of all the systems that I use that keeps on going regardless. It certainly is a tried and trusted system and a system with a backup service that I can rely on.“
“Our Point of Sales terminals in our sales areas namely; Deli, Link, Lunch Box, Restaurant and Executive, never waiver through thick and thin serving about 4500 customers a day. Then we have the convenience of our three cash loaders which take about 1000 bank notes on an average day. We also use our cash loaders to update personal information and use this to update HR information for a salary deduction, which we then interface to our access cards. Hence the cashless vending system and our customers need only swipe their card at the POS terminal to make their food purchase.“
“In addition to this we use Cash Change dispensing machines, so that our customers have the option of the amount that they which to deposit onto their card at the cash loader. The back office reporting for administration is comprehensive and is easy to use.
We also use Precision Stock for the placing of orders on our supplies, the goods receipt thereof, for stock management and then the internal distribution of product. This eases the burden of the management of the food and beverage consumption. The executive Chef can also use the system for Recipe costing and portion control.“

Kind regards,

Bernadette, Investec.


News Feeds

Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over Africa, engage yourself with the below to keep up with Inteli

Try Inteliweb App today!

Inteliweb is an online module that allows customers to place orders online while sitting at their workstations, helping manage traffic in canteens by reducing large queues in the canteens during lunch time. Please note that the app is being improved to allow customers to pay on-line using different methods and gateways(EFT).

Data Miner

Data Miner is our new web portal that allows you to view sales for your site using any device and from anylocation, click the button below and get blown away

Demo our InteliPAY App today!

InteliPAY allows users to top-up their company/institution's cards using a credit card and for some client site, Snapscan can be used.

The portal allows once-off payment to the user’s card and for some clients an auto top-up can be activated where by the user’s credit card will be debited and company/institution card will be credited when it reaches a minimum amount.

Our Clients

Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of the awesome clients that motivate us to come to work every day and push beyond our boundaries. Click on a continent to view our clients per province, note that continents are activated as clients expand world-wide.

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